How is it Easter season already?!?

We have had Ryder Productions in the Studio while they shot their athletic wear commercial over eight different places across SF. Lucky for us we got to sit and watch and no exercise was needed!

Julie Smith, our in house food stylist, has been busy on a test shoot with photographer Eric Zepeda and prop stylist Laura Cook. Take a look at their behind the scenes test shots.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 12.25.42 PM.png

Photography by Eric Zepeda, Food Stylist Julie Smith, Prop Stylist Laura Cook.

Coming up...

We have the wonderful team at Peerspace holding their event with us on the 21st featuring the amazing artist Heather Day! 

Heather Day grew up in Hawaii before settling here in San Francisco, her background in travel and culture encouraged her to see more of the world, where she discovered a connection to nature, her main source of inspiration.

You can see more of her works here.




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